“Four marathons, four days, four nations’’. After walking from Hartlepool United to Wembley (10 walking marathons in 10 days) and a year later walking from St James’ Park in Exeter to St James’ Park in Newcastle (15 walking marathons in 15 days), you could say Jeff Stelling has it easy for his next adventure.

His latest effort for Prostate Cancer is to walk 26 miles a day in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England.

“We want to get out there and bang the drum – it’s Prostate Cancer UK not just England after all,’’ reflected the Sky Sports presenter, Hartlepool United president and champion of the North-East.

“All the other marathon walks have been through England, but Prostate Cancer affects people in Scotland, Wales and Ireland just as much.’’

He’s already raised over £800,000 over the years. September’s epic will surely take fund-raising past the £1m barrier. Starting in Glasgow, Stelling will march through Belfast, Cardiff and London from September 5-8, taking in a number of football grounds and accompanied by footballers, ex-footballers and the public.

Stelling admitted: “It will be different to before and in two ways. The last two walks, it may sound strange, but you tend to relax after four or five days and get into a stride and by that time this time around we will be finished!

“We are doing the hard part if you like. But logistically you have to be finished, no hanging around, to get to the next country.

“Clear security, it may not be too simple, and get a flight to the next place. No recovery period. Last time we got to the end, had a nice bath, steak, couple of beers – this time there’s no luxury as such.’’

There’s an international feel to his walks in more ways than one. “This is an international weekend too so the other walks have been out of the season, one at least, so we hope this will garner plenty of football community support and getting names on board can only help,’’ he mused, after being joined by a stack of footballers, past and present on his previous walks.

“There’s the usual suspects of course – Merse has already been on the phone wanting to walk four days.

“Matt Le Tissier the same, but we hope in Glasgow we get some ex or current Scottish player and managers, as we hope in Ireland and Wales and hopefully attract different people to walk with us before – this gives the opportunity for other people to get involved.’’

But it’s not just about the celebrities, anyone can take part. There’s plenty who have suffered – and are suffering from - Prostate Cancer. Raising the profile and awareness is just as important as the fund-raising.

“In Belfast when we visited on Monday there were a couple of people who are involved, one recovering from Prostate Cancer another who arranges walks there for Prostate Cancer and it’s nice to be there for them this time and help them promote their cause,’’ admitted Stelling.

When he marched through the North-East in the summer of 2017, among the marchers were two inspiring individuals who are keen to do the same again. Both are fighting the illness after being diagnosed with terminal Prostate Cancer.

Stelling said: “Kevin Webber wants to do all four days of course and Lloyd Pinder the big Sunderland fans wants to join us for all four days and they are great examples of what this is all about – great people, great survivors.

“They are inspirational figures, they really are – Supermen themselves.’’

Aside from his work with Prostate Cancer, Stelling also took on a cause close to his heart last year.

He joined forces with Raj Singh to help secure the future of an ailing patient: Hartlepool United Football Club.

A long-time supporter, Stelling’s interest has taken on a new level this season, with a hefty financial investment.

Singh pumped the majority of the money in to save the club and turn the business around, Stelling a relatively minor investor. They would still appreciate financial support from elsewhere if anyone was willing and able to join the board of directors.

“I do see things a little different now,’’ he admitted. “I don’t try and influence at all, but I do have an input and I look at things perhaps with a financial perspective now and think how we can afford him and can we really bring someone else in.

“You suffer the disappointments more, like Andrew Davies going back to Scotland – that was hard to take.

“There’s a vested interest with the passion and, all we all want is good football, goals and attacking football and that’s what we are seeing.’’

He added: “At the start of the season we all sat down with Raj, Higgy, Mark Maguire and Matty Bates who was manager then and we said if we finish mid-table this season with no threat of relegation and we are on an even keel financially then we have done a good job.

“The fans might be a bit disappointed after how we started, but I think it’s job done finishing in the top ten with a flourish and end the season now with some momentum.’’

There is some much-needed positivity around the place now, with the fortunes on the field sharper and brighter under Craig Hignett.

The most morose of months under Richard Money has been turned around with Hignett’s positivity.

Stelling added: “I’d like to think we’ve turned a corner. I think that with Higgy taking the job and he wasn’t press-ganged into taking it, but I think he’s taken a brave move by stepping up from the security of his role to put himself in the firing line.

“Under him, the players have the confidence to play and before that they had become afraid, playing with fear and you could see that at times – Harrogate was awful with no-one wanting the ball and getting rid of it quickly.

“The players have confidence now and they love him. People might say we don’t have the players, but you find me a defender in this league who wants to play against Luke James.’’

And there’s one huge talent at the club who Stelling sees as having a bright future. Josh Hawkes has been a revelation since finding a regular place in the side. Eight goals, two of them cooly taken penalties last weekend, prove his value.

“I’m sat next to Higgy in the director’s box and Josh Hawkes is on the bench and I’ve said ‘for God’s sake we need Josh Hawkes on the pitch, a free spirit who can create’. Higgy has put him straight in and look at the difference,

“I will be staggered if – and this is if he maintains the attitude he has – he doesn’t play a lot higher.

“He has the talent and we have a good young side and Luke Molyneux was sensational last week. All is good and, let’s not offend anyone, but Raj has been fantastic so far and dips into his pocket – and not asking me for any more money so far!’’

Visit marchformen.org for more information and how to get involved.