AN aspiring cyclist is hoping to put the disappointment of not gaining funding for this season behind him by attracting his own sponsors.

Adam Pinder, from Northallerton, North Yorkshire, has launched a fundraising campaign ahead of the start of racing in France.

The 19-year-old rider has spent time competing in Belgium, but recently moved across the border after joining the semi-professional team, Hennebont Cyclisme.

Last season, his first away from home, he received funding from the prestigious Dave Rayner Fund, set up in memory of the aforementioned rider. It began in 1996 and has since supported hundreds of young cyclists in achieving their goals.

Unfortunately, such is the demand for its services, not everyone is fortunate enough to get funding year after year.

Pinder missed out in this year’s allocation, but he is determined it will not have a bearing on his dream to become a top rider.

Although his new team will provide him with accommodation, Pinder will not receive a salary and must rely on a share of race winnings to pay for food, travel and any other expenses while overseas.

“I applied for funding again this year and I was disappointed when I found out that I didn’t get it,” said Pinder. “However, I’m very thankful of the fund for what they did for me in 2018 and am now looking to get some sponsors of my own.

“If someone or a company was able to sponsor me it would be brilliant. Every little helps and as well as the financial support, I would really appreciate people’s support and guidance.”

Pinder has put a business plan in place and is hoping publicity will help him achieve his aim.

Sponsorship packages start from £10 a week with options up to £100 a month.

He has been out in Spain recently, along with another local rider, Stockton’s Scott Auld.

“I’m currently on a training camp with Scott and a few other English boys,” he said. “I go to France on March 1 and racing starts the week after that.”

“I have been getting the mixture in of miles and lots of intensity and following the plan that my coach has set me. I can’t wait to get to France and meet the team and get all my new team kit and bike.”

  • If you would like to discuss the possibility of sponsorship you can call Adam Pinder on 07931-256958 or email