PLAYERS and support staff from Middlesbrough FC spent two days at RAF Leeming to boost teamwork and bonding.

With players spending little time together outside training and matches, Middlesbrough coaches turned to the Royal Air Force to help with a bit of bonding.

The result was a two-day programme designed to take the first team out of their comfort zone – and have a few laughs along the way.

They got to put up a tent and building a radome - a structure for protecting radar equipment – under the bemused supervision of 90 Signals Unit – as well as having a look around a Hawk T1 jet.

Curtis Fleming, first team coach, said: “It’s very important that you go to see different people at work, you fully appreciate what these guys do for their country, which is amazing.”

Footballer Danny Baath added: “We’ve had the chance to look around and see what goes into defending the air space and make sure we’re kept safe.”

Wing Commander Josh Fortune, Officer Commanding Engineering and Logistics Wing at RAF Leeming, headed up the visit. He said: “It was a fantastic event with sharing and learning across the military and professional sporting disciplines.”