TONY PULIS has hit out at the scheduling of matches in the Championship as his players prepare to face Swansea City with a shorter recovery period between games than their counterparts from South Wales.

The Swans suffered a 1-0 defeat at Stoke City on Tuesday and then Middlesbrough secured a 2-0 victory at the Riverside Stadium the following night against Bolton Wanderers.

And while Swansea boss Graham Potter could point to two testing away trips in a row as tough to negotiate, Pulis feels that Boro’s opponents have had 24 hours extra to recover.

The Middlesbrough said: “I don't think it can be fair for some but unfair for others. Even this week, for Swansea to play on Tuesday and for us to play on a Wednesday – I don't think that's right.

“We never picked Wednesday, we always play our games on a Tuesday. But the Football League or the Championship have got this rule that they've got to split games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, why on earth they didn't do it in a way that the teams on Wednesday play against each other on a Saturday I don't know.”

He added: “It does make a difference when you are playing so many games and I'm disappointed because I don't think it helps us. The powers that be have to look at the fixtures and the way they (schedule them).

“They can't just do things without thinking about it, they've got to start thinking about things a bit more and even it out. I'm not asking for an advantage, I'm asking for it to be even on both sides.”

This week’s situation boiled down to Sky Sports. The broadcaster, who pay £100,000 normally to teams to show the game live, asked for the Championship fixtures in midweek to be split over the two nights.

“I don't think they've just picked on this football club, I just think don't think they've thought about these situations and these scenarios and it's getting those people to open their eyes and have a look at what's going on,” added Pulis.

“It's a very, very competitive league it’s been televised more this season than ever before.”

Middlesbrough face another situation next month with the visit to Sheffield Wednesday brought forward to Friday, October 19.

Pulis said: “We've got Sheffield Wednesday on a Friday night and the lads won't be back in for international duty until the Wednesday, so we will have two days with them.

“We had eight players who went away last time and to have eight players – and I think Sheffield Wednesday has two lads in the Under-21s and not one player in senior football – again that for me, and I've spoken to the people there, that for me is not right.

“If you are going to put games on a TV on a Friday then fine, if they want to do that brilliant, but be fair to clubs.

“Don't pick a club that's got eight players away and will only work with those players for a day at most against a club that doesn't have anybody away and has two weeks to prepare for that game. That can't be... for me, that's just basic, basic common sense, it shouldn't happen.

“They've got to look at the way they do this. We've spoken to them and if they've done it with the TV companies then they've done it for the TV companies I don't mind, my gripe is if they pick us to play another club with eight players away on international duty then we get on with it, it's an even playing field.

“They can say 'well we didn't know', or 'it's your fault you've got international players', I don't think that's the right way. We are part of a great league here, it's a top league, a tough league and it's getting more publicity year-in, year-out.

“So they've got to understand is what they do has to enhance the quality of the that league and keeps it even.”