THE Commonwealth Games is in full swing now after Wednesday’s opening ceremony with events taking place all over the place but for me the highlight so far has undoubtedly been Aimee Wilmott’s swimming gold in the swimming!

Alright, I know she’s a Middlesbrough lass, so you might accuse me of bias.

But even without that, just the race itself was fantastic and the way she swam was it perfect.

She was up against Hannah Miley, double Commonwealth champion who was favourite to make it three in a row, and I think in a lot of commentators’ minds the script was already written.

But Aimee upset all the predictions to storm through and snatch the gold in a really close finish in the 400m Individual Medley.

I know it has been a tough year for her physically in terms of aches and strains and injuries but she showed what a champion she is with that performance and everyone in Team England was buzzing afterwards.

Personally, I’m looking to take inspiration from her and copy her example when it comes to competing in the 200m men’s race and the 4x100m relay next week.

Like Aimee, I’ve had to manage my share of injuries over the last 12 months - in fact an ankle injury stopped me from defending my 60m title in the World Indoor Championships just over a month ago.

I’m coming new to the 200m, which has not been an event I’ve run regularly but maybe I can surprise a few people.

As for the relay, I’m part of an England team determined to win that race. That would be great for Team England and from a purely North East point of view, it would be great for Teesside to bring our share of gold medals back to the region when the Games are over!

I’VE got to say I’m impressed with the organisation and the helpfulness of everyone involved with staging these Commonwealth Games on Australia’s Gold Coast.

It feels like a place where they’re really thrilled that we’re here and they’re determined to make the most of it.

That has been true since Team England arrived in Brisbane but nowhere more so than in the Games’ village where everything has been laid on for the competitors to keep them happy.

Apparently there’s more than 6,000 people in the village but there’s a lot of personal attention given to those taking part and a lot of thought has gone into making it all run smoothly.

Team England has its own HQ in a 10-storey block, complete with swimming pool, next to the Australian block.

You name it, the village has it - gyms, pools, a supermarket, medical facilities, cafes, restaurants medical facilities, free vending machines - even a nightclub and a pub.

There's also live entertainment like music, shows, face painting - I even caught up with a bit of breakdancing….

It all adds up to being a great place to be with a great vibe and competitors from all countries mixing and getting on in the open spaces.

All competing athletes have to stay in the village and I have to say that if anyone fails to do themselves justice in the Games, they won’t be able to blame the facilities at the Village, which have been absolutely superb.

TRAINING has gone well for me, although to be fair, there’s been quite a few rest days this week.

We did a lot of hard training during my fortnight in Brisbane and so a lot of the work now is about keeping myself ticking over and making sure I peak at the right time.

I face the prospect of five days of racing in a row next week, with the 200m heats and finals first and then 4x100m race and finals, so I’ve got to make sure I Iook after myself.

It’s hot over here too which means you’ve really got to watch your hydration and I’m currently getting through litres of water a day, plus four rather than two sachets of Totum Sport a day!

Totum Sport is the most complete mineral supplement in the world, so as well as water being replaced you’re also making sure that your body has all the essential minerals it needs.

It’s also made up of completely natural ingredients, no additions, which means you could drink as much as you want of it never and never be in danger of failing a drugs test.

It helps with endurance and peak body balance levels - Aimee now uses it as well, which probably won’t have gone unnoticed in the village.

I arrived in the village with more than enough Totum Sport to spare and I’m happy to give them out to other athletes who ask for them, but I have make sure I leave enough for myself. Enjoy your weekends everyone, enjoy the Games and I’ll speak to you next week, when the games get real for me.

Richard Kilty, was speaking to The Northern Echo in association with Totum Sport