WHEN DAVE Jones was unveiled to the media at Hartlepool United, it was an underwhelming affair.

As he entered the club’s Centenary Lounge to be greeted by the waiting press, he wore a black jumper over a white t-shirt.

It was no fashion show, but the club’s previous regime was always insistent on new bosses donning a suit, club tie, lapel badge and shiny shoes.

Jones, who spent his initial media interview eating a sausage sandwich, was still wearing the same outfit two weeks later.

The national press there to see him were bewildered. They were right; Jones’ whole reign was a bewildering one.

A man with his CV and experience should not have led a club into the bottom two position in the Football League. He should not have won only three games from 17. He should have enjoyed being back in football after a three-year hiatus, but it always seemed as if he felt he was doing the club a favour by being there.

He frustrated club staff with his constant demands. He was testing them, seeing how far he could push them, but they felt ridiculed by him, as he constantly belittled the club from within.

It’s fair to say the club was a happier place yesterday as downtrodden staff returned to work with a smile on their faces.

There is an engaging and entertaining bloke in there, but it wasn’t part of his make up to engrain himself with the club and people connected with it.

The weekly pre-match press conferences were standard fare, he didn’t give away any trade secrets and there’s been more enthusiastic bosses at Pools, but he only came into his own when the dictaphones were off and he started talking about himself, his career, his managerial success and his playing days.

Even after Pools lost woefully and meekly at Orient on Easter Monday, Jones referred to when he asked the players in the dressing room who had won anything in their careers; only himself and his assistants put their hands up.

Did that have anything to do with being beaten by a team of kids who hadn’t been paid for weeks?

It was felt he always turned things around to himself. When Pools lost to Portsmouth, it was only eight years since he played them in the FA Cup final.

With his experience, his CV was there to be respected. Now he’s been sacked as Pools boss there’s a big stain on that record. Will he get the chance to refer to it again?