Fomer England and Yorkshire spinner Richard Dawson writes exclusively for The Northern Echo throughout the Ashes series.

What an effort from my old Yorkshire team-mate Matthew Hoggard! He was top class all day and he's kept England in with a shout of winning this Test.

Hoggy is exactly the sort of person you want to have on tour with you. He is a fit lad, he never stops trying and that's exactly the sort of job he'll do for you.

He can wind people up - he's a bit of a dressing-room joker but it's not your usual comedy. He will sit there and prod you, see if he gets a reaction and if he doesn't he will keep prodding you until he does.

You wouldn't always tell it from looking at him but he is an intelligent lad, he's very smart on the pitch and when he gets a ball in his hand he's a thinker.

He is always coming up with ideas and you could see that when Geraint Jones stood up to him behind the stumps.

That was probably a joint effort between the pair of them - it stops batsmen getting out of their crease, it was good nous and it unsettled Damien Martyn.

The wicket is still pretty good but the ball is still quite new and the third morning could be crucial.

If England can enforce the follow-on they will be in a great position.

If we can get Adam Gilchrist and Michael Clarke out early you never know what might happen.

If we don't get to enforce the follow-on it will obviously be a lot tougher. Our only chance of victory then would be if the wicket starts breaking up but I can't see it happening in time.

Hats off to Ricky Ponting. He is a phenomenal player and is in unbelievable form at the moment - he can't stop scoring centuries.

Obviously the chance that Ashley Giles missed at deep square leg could prove costly but I've fielded out there. It is a short boundary and the ball comes at you at a serious pace.

Of course you want to hold those chances - catches win matches and they were a big part of why we won the Ashes last time around.

But I wouldn't blame Gilo and I don't think he'll let it get to him, he's a top fielder. When I played with him you could see he had great hands.

He'll be disappointed but everyone drops chances and he's pretty thick-skinned.

He's had to be, he's come in for some serious stick in the press in the past.

A couple of wickets will put him right - let's just hope he gets them soon.