EACH week we profile a member of The Northern Echo's popular Camera Club.

This week it's the turn of Steve Brown.

The Northern Echo:

I’VE had a lifetime interest in capturing the moment and the likes of the DofE, ACF and Help for Heroes have been big parts of my photography.

My first camera was a Sony Cyber-shot (Digital) and my main interest focusses on documentary/events, which is due to my experiences, but through education, I also enjoy portraits and studio shoots.

Of all the photos I’ve taken, I am not sure which is my favourite. I have had some amazing times behind the camera, taking pictures of all sorts – still life, portrait, landscapes, celebrity/charity material and documentary.

With equipment loans from the Newcastle College Photography department, my go-to camera is Nikon D610 and kit lens.

I do use Photoshop, but the time spend in post production varies from project to project.

My advice to budding photographers is to hang in there when your shots aren’t quite there, keep practising and taking pictures.

Also, never be afraid to ask for help or to offer to help with what knowledge you have to other photographers.