Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

I GOT my camera when I started to follow the rally cross at Croft.

Your first camera?

IT was a 35mm film Prakticka. I used it a lot, then after we moved I didn’t bother for years until I got a Nikon DSLR, but I have changed again now to a bridge camera as I have bad hands and find it easy to use. I love it.

What do you most enjoy photographing?

WILDLIFE photographs, but a lot are birds in my garden or in our wonderful South Park.

Favourite photograph?

MAYBE one the best is a nest of baby blackbirds in my garden taken on a 300mm lens so I didn’t bother them.

Your go-to kit at the moment?

I USE my Nikon P900 now most days, and what I take is what you see.

Any advice for budding photographers?

ALL I can say is get out, look, enjoy and take what you want to take. Nothing is right and nothing is wrong, just have fun.