Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

INSPIRATION came naturally after seeing what could be achieved, so I took the plunge and bought a camera four years ago.

Your first camera?

MY first real DSLR was a Canon 1100 D.

What do you most enjoy photographing?

I LOVE all types of photography but particularly night photography and waterfalls.

Favourite picture?

A RECENT one of the Infinity Bridge on an evening shoot.

Your go-to kit at the moment?

A CANON 80 D and my walk about lens is a Canon 18 – 135 USM.

Do you spend much time in post-production?

I WILL spend a couple on minutes on a photo but if it’s not there by then I don’t try and salvage it and move on.

Any advice for budding photographers?

DON’T give in and don’t judge yourself against someone else, if it pleases you that’s all that counts.