Who or what inspired you to take up photography?

MY inspiration for photography is my boys and I do a lot of sports photography. Joe Cornish inspires me to some extent, but now with youtube and instagram there are so many others – Mr Ben Brown for one.

Your go-to kit at the moment?

I'VE just ordered a Nikon D500 as I found my D750 buffer size letting me down. The D750 is a great camera especially full frame, I started way back with a Nikon EM and my first digit was a Nikon E990. It sounds like I'm a Nikon man, but I have had other makes. If it wasn't for the lenses I might be tempted with the Sony's.

What do you most enjoy photography?

I LIKE a wide range of photography from landscape and portraits to sports. I guess the only thing I'm not into is wildlife.

Do you spend much time in post production?

I USE Lightroom 6 and CS 6 for editing. I do quick edits on weekends, colour, shadows etc and zooming for Mowden Club web site.

Why are these five my favourite photos?

Millennium Bridge because of the North-East and geometry.

Rugby pose of my eldest, because he looks imposing and it just looks right.

The Rugby Action in mud. My youngest doing his best.

Dubai shot. We love Dubai and this shot of the Burj Khalifa in the background reminds us of great holidays. The problem with this shot is the time of year the sky is always blown out. One day we'll go when the conditions are better. But that's always the way with landscapes.