TWENTY-FOUR pheasants were killed at farm near Stockton (Echo, Dec 21), apparently by the use of a dog, and their bodies were stolen, presumably to sell.

What a great pity it is that those responsible for this disgraceful act have deprived an equally repulsive group of the opportunity and excitement of blasting those same birds and their future offspring into oblivion. What a sick world some people live in!

Denise Anklam, Stanhope.

THE Goverment’s stance on fox hunting is another example of how out of touch it is with society.

Despite 75 per cent of the public in favour of keeping the hunting ban, the Government appears desperate to repeal it.

This is a barbaric sport which also causes a lot of damage to the countryside, and therefore has no place in a civilised society. I urge people to contact their local MP and request that they vote against repealing the ban.

David Lowdon, Crook.