SKY News reporter Tim Marshall has finally revealed the astonishing truth about Gaza in a recent report. He filmed new cars being imported via the extensive network of enormous tunnels under the border with Egypt.

He also revealed how new swimming pools, water parks, boutique hotels, excellent restaurants and a new shopping mall have been constructed recently.

Admittedly, only the middle classes can afford to benefit directly, but it should be noted that from this month Israel is allowing cars to be brought in through its crossing points.

However, Gazans will still not be able to buy them legitimately because – predictably – rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah cannot agree on who should control the business.

While all this trade is going on we have a steady stream of pitiful messages shown on the biased news channels, such as the BBC, and in the columns of HAS from do-gooders who haven’t a clue about the reality on the ground.

As Mr Marshall observes, the poverty levels seen in Gaza can be found in most parts of the Middle East – they are not peculiar to Gaza.

David Lacey, Durham.