IT would appear that the 6,000-plus objectors to the conversion of Durham’s historic Market Place are suffering from the same problems that we had a few years ago in Darlington.

Darlington Borough Council ignored a petition signed by at least 4,500 residents who opposed its Pedestrian Heart scheme and went ahead with the project resulting in the destruction of the Victorian street scene at High Row.

Its management of the project was a disaster that cost the council tax payers many thousands of pounds under an attitude of “this is what you are going to get, like it or not”. At the end of it all we have a town centre that now looks like any other in the country.

L Hume, Darlington.

I DON’T think the Government realises how much the horse statue in Durham Market Place is liked by locals in its present location, and a “we’re in charge, we know what’s best for you”

attitude will probably lose Labour votes.

It would be nice to see it returned to its pale green colour; it could be varnished in a transparent coat, contrasting suitably against the dark brown buildings, but it would almost vanish if it were also brown. For once, do what most of the locals wish.

Fred M Atkinson, Shincliffe, Durham.