RE your report, “Humans becoming invisible to aliens”

(Echo, Jan 26). The first written reference to a UFO sighting is contained within Egyptian chronicles more than 3,000 years ago. Some mythological and religious texts contain references, which some claim refer to UFOs and extra-terrestrial visitors.

If this is true, then if extra-terrestrials wanted to invade this planet, they would have done long ago when the bow and arrow was the most advanced weapon. Alternatively, why would any extra-terrestrial race help another which isn’t willing to help itself?

What this all ultimately means is that regardless of our own beliefs or the advances made in how people on this planet communicate with each other, we all have to realise and assume that no benevolent extra-terrestrial race, deity or messiah is going to suddenly appear to rescue us, to solve the world’s problems and show us how to live in peace with each other. This can only be done by the human race.

If we all don’t realise this truth and start to act accordingly our species is doomed. But in the vast infinity of space, I doubt if any extra-terrestrial will shed a tear for a species which killed itself through its own intolerance and stupidity.

CT Riley, Spennymoor, Co Durham.