WE have been going through what some consider to be a hard time (recession, winter conditions) with most of us bemoaning our lot. This is as nothing when we witness the horrific scenes emerging from Haiti.

TV pictures show people living in indescribable conditions and fighting for a bottle of water or a scrap of food. The death toll is enormous with thousands more unlikely to survive because of lack of medical help.

Colin Mortimore (HAS, Jan 16) and his like should therefore appreciate they live in a country, albeit under a Labour government, where the standard of living has risen steadily over the past 12 years with ample food and excellent healthcare. There are large queues at supermarket checkouts and billions of pounds worth of cars clutter the highways further confirming our affluence.

It was pleasing to note that Gordon Brown was quick to join the US in leading the world response to the catastrophe in Haiti.

Maurice Baker, Middlestone Moor, Spennymoor, Co Durham.