THE challenge to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of 102-year-old dementia sufferer Sarah Rutter (Echo, Jan 22) is just about right and not before time.

Lawyers will claim Stockton Borough Council breached Mrs Rutter’s human rights when it decided to close her care home in October 2008.

The closing of such homes that have been refuge and safety to older people in need of care have been heartbreaking. In many cases, the “non-profitable”

reason given is ludicrous as astute developers have quickly made such homes profitable.

For 50 years I have lived in the area of Shafto House, Newton Aycliffe – one of those care homes under threat of closure by Durham County Council – and I have always been aware of the good that this home does.

I know this home is a treasure for companionship for old people and a respite for carers of loved ones recovering from illnesses there.

I also know that there are many long-term residents that consider it their home and security.

Bernard McCormick, Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham.