ERIC Gendle expresses surprise that an “anti-healthcare” US Republican Party full of church-going Christians seems less caring than expected, given its Christian learnings (HAS, Jan 22).

What he failed to mention is that just as the British public would rebel if their taxes were used to back some trade-friendly murderous dictator or a transparently unjust/illegal war, likewise American Republicans resent their taxes being used to state-fund abortion/embryonic stem cell research programmes at home and abroad – a huge potential and moral issue in the US.

The healthcare issue has so many shades to it. Republicans, however, would resent the accusation of lack of care. The crux, as always, is the best way of achieving this goal.

In this country, some might argue that we have thrown vast sums of money at health, education, social services, penal policy and weaponry. Are we happy with the results?

The debate is not about the rights, merit or justice of each issue, but how best to deliver.

Americans are more vociferous about how their dollars are spent. So should we be.

Michael Baldasera, Darlington.