DARLINGTON MP Alan Milburn has come to life long enough to condemn sleaze emails (Echo, April 15) and defend his own innocence before it is challenged – but where was he when his support was needed to maintain (or increase) services from Durham Tees Valley Airport?

Did he show any interest in the SeaDragon oil and gas platform story or any problem in the North-East when his support would perhaps have counted?

But now he has a suspicion that perhaps his job won’t last much longer and it seems he has realised we need to know our MP is a nice chap who hates sleaze.

Cynical, realistic: what is the difference?

Brenda Barnes, Darlington.

DARLINGTON MP Alan Milburn is quite right to be sickened by the antics of his party over the smear emails scandal (Echo, April 15).

But is his disgust actually real, or has he suddenly remembered there is a General Election next year?

If Mr Milburn is really that sickened then he should resign from both the Labour Party, and as an MP, in protest.

Call me a cynic, if you like, but I doubt Mr Milburn is £65,000 plus expenses disgusted.

Graham Bull, Darlington.