ANIMAL experiments are morally and scientifically justified, according to the influential vivisection lobby.

However, the only people gaining from the obscene cruelty involved are most likely to be shareholders in the business, vivisectors, the suppliers and politicians motivated only by money concerns.

Thank goodness vivisectors don’t normally conduct operations on humans. If animal laboratories, usually windowless, fortified concrete structures had glass walls there would be public uproar.

The claim that vivisection benefits mankind has many dissenters in the medical world itself and, in any case, not all trials on animals are for the common good. Many victims are used to test obnoxious chemical weapons for use on mankind.

Architectural students pulling down ancient edifices, to increase their knowledge of how they were built, would be thought of as mad hatters.

Vivisectors expect knighthoods.

Norman Wall, Wallsend, North Tyneside