AS China is in the spotlight with coverage of the Olympic Games, I thought it opportune to highlight the horrific Chinese industry of fur farming.

Those who don’t believe what I say can log onto the website run by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and see for themselves. A short video portrays racoons being mercilessly smashed on the ground and then skinned alive.

They can be seen trying to crawl away while their skins are peeled from their backs and legs hacked off.

No attempt was made to hide what was happening and it was there for all to see in the film, which was made by Swiss undercover animal investigators.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is attending the closing ceremony of the Games and the Naturewatch campaign group has had an online petition asking him to speak to the Chinese authorities on animal issues. At present, the Chinese have no animal welfare/cruelty laws.

Remember, if anyone buys anything with fur trim it is likely to be sourced from that country.

M Embling, Crook, Co Durham.