SPAIN is one of the most popular tourist destination for Europeans, but when I think of it I immediately associate it with bullfighting.

Bred in quiet country fields, these magnificent bulls are unaware what their future holds, which is being goaded, tormented, mutilated and stabbed to death in a bloodthirsty spectacle called entertainment.

It’s not a fair fight, it is victimisation – a cruel display against a cornered animal which doesn’t stand a chance, and when at last he sinks to his knees in agony, exhaustion and loss of blood from the many barbed spikes in his neck muscles, he will hear baying cheers and laughter of human beings as they call for that final lunge of the matador’s lance blade which will be tweaked and twisted, causing the bull to be driven mad with pain and terror.

A percentage of British taxpayers’ money keeps the tradition going through the EU and should stop. What will our MPs do about it come the next General Election I wonder? I certainly will be asking.

M Embling, Hunwick, Crook, Co Durham