WRITING this on Saturday afternoon, I don't wish to be judged insensitive (but I'm sure I will be) but I think after Friday, I have heard enough about the Duke of Edinburgh to last a lifetime. (The Queen won't read this will she?).

I am sure the duke did much good work during his privileged lifetime but so did the surgeon who performed my operation last summer at the South Tees University Hospital (Mr Ralph White and his team) and they don't get any publicity.

The coverage of the duke's death by the BBC (and perhaps other channels) was exceptional but way over the top time-wise. I only saw about an hour, therefore I am assuming the rest of it was also very good. It even continued into Saturday meaning I missed the first 15 minutes of Football Focus as I had arranged to tape it on BBC One but it had been moved to BBC Two.

Even the Echo jumped on the bandwagon with a 16 page supplement as well as seven pages in the main body of the paper. Surely the supplement could have been purchased optionally with a £1 charge – the proceeds could have gone to good causes. Both concerns must be going for national awards or knighthoods perhaps for individuals: Sir Huw Edwards sounds good (watch this space).

Meaning no disrespect to the Queen who I support, as one day I am going to depart this earth, when she dies I am going on holiday to North Korea for two weeks and will isolate on my return at my own expense if still necessary.

Has coronavirus gone away?

Mike Taylor, Darlington.