I HOPE the new so-called asylum seeking system isn’t going to be an open door into our country as in the past.

This is a massive drain on our economy which we can no longer afford. All our resources and services are already greatly over-stretched.

Where is the money coming from? We are already trillions in debt. Who would take us if the boot was on the other foot?

Our civil and human rights laws are being abused. The courts are throwing ridiculous amounts of our money away on stupid claims as we read about daily.

We are constantly being let down by weak governments and our law lords getting paid a fortune for making laws, and solicitors and barristers getting paid for finding ways of getting round them.

People who steal vast amounts of money by fraud get their hands slapped or a short prison sentence and hardly any money is ever recovered – and they say crime doesn’t pay?

Thomas Burdess, Newton Aycliffe.