BEING able to get a global airflight courtesy of a Covid jab certificate is perhaps a little simplistic.

Folks may get on the plane – what happens at the other end is an interesting question. Arrivals may have to undergo a test – your vaccination UK certificate notwithstanding – and have to pay for it. In and out! Before boarding the plane for return home, another test may be insisted upon.

I feel it will take some years for long-haul to recover – if it ever does. Some nations may restrict inbound flights for some time, and keep their borders closed.

Obviously there will be serious and permanent effects regarding flight staff/airport staff. Then there is the aircraft building – Boeing were producing 35 planes per month which is now reduced to seven, presumably with massive employee losses. 

European plane factories have the same serious problem. The French “double-decker” is assembled from sections made by a number of European plants, including the UK.

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees.