COULD someone please explain how Durham County Council could apply to the Planning Inspectorate to deregister the coach park at The Sands so it could create car parking spaces to support its new £50m headquarters without it going to a public meeting (Echo, Mar 26)?

After all, if it was common land.

Where do these people who work for Durham County Council get their ideas from that they can just ride roughshod over council tax payers?

The council must have known from the start that it needed extra land for additional car parking.

As far as I am concerned, every person at the council who could be proven to have known about this tactic should be named and told to leave their positions, starting with whoever is in charge of  the legal department.

And how could the Planning Inspectorate initially say the decision was OK? It is just as guilty for not checking the facts.

J Amos, Coronation.