REGRETFULLY I have to report that, despite being full of good intentions, I failed to complete my Census 2021 details through the website provided.

This will come as no surprise to people who know me as I tend to struggle with technology although I am a great admirer of it - lack of patience perhaps.

I failed miserably with it twenty years ago when a new computer system was being installed where I worked. I was pleased therefore that the offer of early retirement with redundancy was being offered. I took it! I prefer basic problems such as hire purchase sums.

Anyway optimistically I sat down with my wife and our computer to complete the form. However after 20 minutes I knew I was doomed to failure and I hadn't even begun to assist my wife with her information. Life's too short I thought.

On my modern (and sensitive) new computer the cursor was all over the place and the screen kept going back to the beginning of the form. What's that expression “a bad workman always blames his tools”. I bet millions have completed theirs successfully. My wife and I are now both looking forward to receiving a paper copy through the post.

Mike Taylor, Darlington.