CRITICISM regarding census registration is correct (HAS, Mar 20). I don’t have any computer gear and had to ask a relative to go online and get me a paper form. Trying to phone is impossible – the electronic voice says “We are very busy”, “You are number 232 in the queue”, “Could you phone back in March 2031”!

The arrogant assumption of Government departments, local government and utilities that we all have university IT degrees, angers me – vast numbers of older folks do not.

Rail tickets are another area of concern. My pal is “computer literate” yet has found it nerve-wracking at times trying to get a ticket from the machines. Are there no longer any humans, either at stations or on the train, from which to purchase a ticket? Then the rail companies have the cheek to threaten huge fines in default of a ticket.

It seems older folks are “expendable” these days, as far as rail travel and probably booking foreign holidays, air travel are concerned.

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees.