I REFER to the article regarding the forthcoming public inquiry about the common land at The Sands, Durham City (Echo, Mar 19).

I sincerely hope that everyone across the county does not forget that it was the Labour Party, and its cronies, who were behind the waste of £58m on the new building, which is bound to be over budget.

Also, the further £6m on a multi-storey car park that will possibly not be utilised, as the majority of staff are working from home. No doubt the work-from-home will continue so these fancy offices will not be required, and aren’t easily accessible, as the current County Hall building is adequate, very accessible, and still in use.

So, when members of the Labour Party call around over the coming weeks, I hope good old Joe Public doesn’t forget what Labour have done. Tell them where to go, and vote with their feet!

County Councillor John Shuttleworth, Weardale (Ind), Durham County Council.