I AM utterly disgusted that the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove is even considering taking his Cabinet Office department with 1,000 staff out of England and up to Glasgow while Nicola Sturgeon is still pushing for the break-up of the union with her independence which, as we know, along with her ex-mentor Alex Salmond, is a personal ambition.

It is obvious that the move is another sweetener, like the complete closing down of our naval yard at Portsmouth in favour of protecting jobs in Glasgow just prior to the last referendum taking place. Why not consider Wales or even Northern Ireland if there has to move? Can the citizens of Scotland not see for themselves that a break from the union would be very difficult?

The Scots have a population of 5.434m out of 67.8m. Take away pensioners, children, and the vulnerable who are not able to work, how many tax payers are left? Nicola Sturgeon boasts of all what Scotland has – oil which is the main subscriber to the economy, free university, free prescriptions, the new bridge, plus the furlough scheme and help for businesses and self-employed during the pandemic.

But, stop and think. It is not paid for by Scottish taxpayers. There are not enough of them.

I’m sorry, they could not sustain most of this on their own. It is British taxpayers’ money – I repeat the word British. Let’s not forget the Scots’ main income oil will not last forever, especially with petrol and diesel cars going out the window.

I honestly believe nothing should go to Scotland at the expense of jobs and prosperity in the other three parts till this independence threat is put to bed, charity begins at home.

D Dunbar, Sherburn Village, Durham.