LIKE most others over the age of 50, I’m disgusted by the way Her Majesty The Queen is being treated and I am sure that in the end Harry and Meghan will be treated with the disdain they deserve.

I am also sure that in due course Harry will get sick of his domineering wife and return to the UK. Further, I feel sure that the royal family will together have their day of revenge.

What would you do if you were accused of bullying? Same as me, you would buy a small recording machine, turn it on while being bullied and produce the evidence later.

Problem solved, no answer to bullying. I am sure the employees would do that and they probably have, as time will tell.

When that happens, guilty as charged, but for the moment proof is being withheld while deeper holes are dug by the perpetrators.

Allan Wilkinson, Houghton-le-Spring.