WHAT do you do with a full black/coloured plastic dog poo bag when there are no refuse bins? Do you usually leave it on the spot or throw it a distance into the bushes or out of sight?

On a recent short walk on the Teesdale Way out of Gainford, lying at the side of the old railway bridge there were numerous full black plastic poo bags, new and old. Some had been thrown up on top of the embankment.

Dog owners tell me they are responsible for their dog’s actions. Well, it would seem that those on this footpath are the opposite and delight in leaving their trademark for all to see.

These poo bags, now of various colours, have become a scourge on footpaths in town and in the countryside now and for the foreseeable future. What is the answer? They are just another form of litter that we are proud to leave.

D Reed, Darlington.