I’M disappointed and disgusted at the recent revelations of the derogatory and absolutely rotten remarks aimed at Captain Tom and his family over their controversial but legal Caribbean break.

Obviously those responsible for this foul abuse are sat on their pompous backsides condemning a 100-year-old man for accepting this gift after he had done something for this country and, in fact, the world – he did something that 99.9 per cent of the planet’s population could never achieve.

No doubt he would have flown first class, and rightly so, where the chance of catching Covid would be minimal and, OK in hindsight, staying at home might have saved his life, but for how long?

My pal contracted Covid from, he thinks, as he’d never left the house, a guy who came to his house to fix something in the garage. They both had masks on and kept their distance.

Sir Captain Tom didn’t break the law and had the most amazing 2020.

And the money he raised no doubt went on to help save many lives and I bet you a pound to a penny those lazy, button-pressing trolls are the same ones who would scratch someone’s new Bentley because that’s what they do – they are incapable of getting off their backsides as they are glued to their evil trade of posting vile messages about the kind of human being they could never be.

How anyone dare try to taint this man’s memory beggars belief and you just aren’t worthy.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.