I WOULD seriously question the UK’s proposal to allow large numbers of Hong Kong Chinese in to “sardine population” UK.

I understood that the 1991 return of Hong Kong to China had a condition that Hong Kong citizens did not have a UK passport, or a right to live here.

Who authorised the apparent “U-turn” and what is the reasoning?

Caribbean island folks are also allowed to live and work in the UK, but these islands vetoed any “return rights” for UK citizens, on the grounds of “culture clash”.

China has just executed a senior banker for taking £190m in bribes – and he’s not the first. The UK needs to learn from this and deal ruthlessly with our own financial corruption by the rich and powerful.

Recent reports suggest Covid was in the UK two months before any action was taken. A report also surfaced in Wuhan that, in 2017, six men were hospitalised with severe breathing problems – three survived and three died.

They were exploring an abandoned drift coalmine, which had become a roost for bats. They are thought to have breathed in powdered bat droppings. An analysis of these indicated “Covid-type bugs”, which could not be identified at that time.

GB Butler, Stockton-on-Tees.