IN reply to Pete Winstanley (HAS, Feb 16), anti-racists treat people equally. They listen to what black people and others have to say, but talk to them and challenge their beliefs with facts.

I’ve done this and found the experiences of many to be truthful. However, others make claims rooted in their own racism and refusal to take any responsibility for their poor life choices.

Anti-racism means equality of opportunity for all. It means no special treatment because of race. It means people getting into university, becoming CEOs etc because they made the effort and earned it, not because of quotas created by politicians wanting to see different skin colours in a photograph.

Anti-racism means treating people the same. It means judging people by their content and quality of character, not by their colour! It means treating people as equals and responsible adults. Not making excuses to justify their actions.

Anti-racism means when people such as Nick Cannon says “white people are evil savage subhuman animals”, or when David Lammy talks of “white privilege”, or when Kehinde Andrews talks of how “whiteness is psychosis”, they’re called out as the racists they are. Now look at the actions and policies of liberals and the left!

C MacArt, Spennymoor.