CAN some kind person please tell me how Brighton NHS can be allowed to implement their mad idea of referring to patients as objects rather than people?

Their latest ruling about “gender inclusive language” is that mothers are to be called “birth parents”. This, and other crazy ideas for changing our beautiful language, is not only stupid but a disgraceful insult to women.

Do they really have to be reminded that only women can bear and give birth to children, only women have the means to breastfeed rather than “chest feed” their children and only women can be called “mothers” and men “fathers”?

The world appears to be going to hell in a handcart if even our very gender is at risk.

I am the mother of two children. I carried them, gave birth to them and breastfed them.

Yes, their father did his fair share in their upbringing and loved them very much, but I must point out that a mother’s love and a father’s love are very different.

When I became pregnant with my children, it was me who had the backache and other problems of pregnancy, it was also me who went through the hours of excruciating but worthwhile pain of giving birth to them, so please no more “we are pregnant”.

Only the woman is pregnant and with respect to so-called transgender people, a man who “becomes” a woman can never ever give birth until, God forbid, the medical fraternity find some way to give them a complete reproductive system.

So I repeat, please let’s have no more of this “we are pregnant”. Only the woman is pregnant.

It took many years of hardship and suffering for women to get to where we are in society. Please do not allow anyone to take it away from us.

If I had still been doing the nursing job I did for many years, would I have to change the name of my profession to “mid person” or even “birthing facilitator”? I was a midwife.

I am a bred and born female and the very best title of all A MOTHER.

PA Aspinall SRN SCM, Crook.