YET another example of Conservative MPs manipulating facts to create false impressions has just emerged which should worry all recipients of the Pfizer jab.

The Government rightly claims that the UK is one of the world leaders in rolling out the vaccine and I have personally experienced how our wonderful NHS is doing this. Congratulations to all.

However in its hurry to show off, the Government is not doing it properly and has increased the Pfizer jab interval from three weeks to 12, against the advice of doctors and the World Health Organisation.

It claims that the 12 week gap improves protection, however it fails to say that increasing the interval is only OK for the Astra Zeneca jab. Trials in Israel and elsewhere have now shown that if the Pfizer vaccine is delayed beyond six weeks it loses its efficacy and puts recipients at greater risk as well as enabling more mutations to occur.

This is why the UK is one of the only countries in the world to ignore the Pfizer recommendations and why our mutations will continue increasing. No wonder many people have lost trust in everything this Government says.

Stephen Warren, Durham.