PETE WINSTANLEY and his letter (HAS, Feb 9) criticising C Macart’s letter (HAS, Feb 2) is to say the least hypocritical.

Is Mr Winstanley stating that it is only non-whites who are facing injustice and racist abuse? It is time he visited places such as London and other large urban sprawls. Or is that not part of his prognosis?

Time, I think, for Mr Winstanley to stop pontificating and start listening to what is the real purpose of the likes of Labour and the Democrats in the US.

Their agenda is creating discontent and division and will, if not stopped, bring grief on a grand scale to all the citizens in the UK.

In particular England is becoming dangerously over-crowded.

Barack Obama in his last year of office gave nearly one million illegal Hispanic immigrants US citizenship. That has been the policy of the Democrats for years.

Tony Blair allowed the EU, and France in particular, to make the UK look the fools we were and still are.

Mr Winstanley states he is white and English, and does not feel debased, dehumanised, denigrated or “collectively blamed” by anyone except Macart himself, who falsely accuses Labour, Liberals and the Democrats of embracing ideologies which “promote race hate and anti-Semitism”.

Then why was Labour in so much trouble over anti-Semitism. Why was proved that there was anti-Semitism at the top of the party?

Ask yourself, Mr Winstanley, why did the Labour Party lose so many of its Northern voters, who had voted all their lives for Labour? Was it because the Labour Party thinks they are gullible and not able to think for themselves?

John Young, Wolsingham.