I AM putting pen to paper to say I am very proud of my country and at this present, scary time, Boris is, I think, doing his very best.

He has no handbook of things telling him how or what is the best thing to do.

Our NHS and all its staff are doing a brilliant job but we have reached the 100,000 number of deaths and we are still preparing to add a lot more, but we here in Great Britain publish our numbers every day truthfully.

My point is Boris did not even dream all of this when he put himself up for Prime Minister, and I would also like to know the honest death rates in Russia, China, Mexico, India, Africa and so on.

Also am I the only person who finds the interviewers on the BBC to be extremely rude, asking a question and then interrupting constantly?

We have, because Boris is at the helm, now managed to free ourselves from the jackboot-run Common Market and given a chance we will rise out of all this s*** and be great again because this small island has many marvellous people who also love this country.

Mary Cooper, Willington.