DONALD TRUMP has been considered by numerous psychologists as being the archetypal ‘overt narcissist’. Typically an overt narcissist is diagnosed as being a bully who adores and seeks attention to feed their inflated egos. They consistently lie and will never accept any personal responsibility for their failures. In addition to being blessed with these attributes, they also have an inordinate sense of entitlement and absolutely no sense of remorse.

During his tenure anyone who disputed Donald Trump’s version of the truth or reality was considered as an enemy. As such, he ensured they were publicly vilified and if possible personally punished.

In light of the recent insurrection the Senate will rightly attempt to make him accountable for his actions and should bar him from standing for public office ever again.

Given the vast majority of Republicans will vote against these sanctions, they are continuing to promote the tribal politics that created the riot rather than upholding truth and justice. Furthermore, and despite the five deaths in the Capitol, they will have ushered in an era where the leaders of their democracy are absolved of all personal culpability.

Let history be their judge.

Tom Parkin, Howden-le-Wear.