SO, the loco talks have hit the buffers (Echo, Feb 6). This is my take on the situation.

We in Darlington should advise the National Railway Museum director Judith McNicol that Darlington has no intention of allowing the removal of Locomotion No 1 from the current location at Head of Steam.

As council leader Heather Scott states, Darlington has looked after the loco for 163 years.

Over the years Darlington has covered all costs for storage, maintenance, security etc. For another body to just say 'we need the loco' is not on.

When they put the Shildon show on, enter into the spirit of things and advise their visitors where they can go to see the first steam loco to haul a passenger carrying train on a public railway.

We should not allow Darlington to be dictated to.

John Waddleton, Darlington.