THE inquiries can wait – let’s get Covid-19 done

This country is particularly good at the blame game – we should maybe make it our national sport.

But as we battle Covid-19 this is not quite the time for distracting recriminations.

No, this Government has not got everything right. We have been too slow into lockdowns and too quickly out. And it was slow to get the right protective equipment and testing to protect those in care settings.

But it has not got everything wrong either. Credit where credit is due, the rollout of the vaccine to the vulnerable has been swift and impressive.

In fairness, I doubt any government could have got everything right. This pandemic is unprecedented.

The time for reports and inquiries undoubtedly will come but must not be a distraction now, while we are still fighting this thing.

More than 100,000 people have died, and more tragic losses are reported daily.

Covid-19 is not beaten yet and until it is, we must work together and stop looking to point the finger of blame.

Mike Padgham, Chair, Independent Care Group, York.