I’M sure that many people have been enormously moved by the new Channel 4 drama It’s A Sin. What a brilliantly made and timely bit of television, airing during this LGBT+ History Month. It’s vital that LGBT+ history is taught, appreciated and learnt from, and this show demonstrates exactly how it can be, successfully illuminating the AIDS crisis for the current generation.

Plus, it’s important (and wonderful) to be reminded just how far we have come with treatments for HIV. It is now possible to live a perfectly happy and healthy life with the virus, a far cry from the dark days of the epidemic.

The programme was also shown during National HIV Test Week, where the significance of testing is highlighted, and people are reminded that a free postal HIV test can be ordered easily from freetesting.hiv. Testing and dispelling stigma are key to reducing transmission of the virus, which the charity Terrence Higgins Trust hope can be achieved in the next decade, if the government takes the appropriate action.

Chloe Walls and Emma Rowell, Barnard Castle.