I COMMEND Thomas Ball’s “prophetic” letter demonstrating that universal truth that no one is as intolerant as an intolerant liberal (HAS, Jan 26).

Liberals espouse diversity in all its forms except people who disagree with them. Their fate is “cancellation” – witness JK Rowling and Lawrence Fox.

So fear stalks our great democracy in which certain controversial issues are never mentioned, even in HAS! Why not? Repercussions maybe! Now that’s intolerance.

That same day’s paper included two anti-Trump letters. I am greatly amused when correspondents inconsistently exhibit the very same symptoms of intolerance and ideological venom of which they accuse others.

And lest I get accused of such inconsistency myself, there’s a difference.

I write in the hope (almost certainly vain) of changing perspective. They write to blame, criticise and condemn – hence the utterly absurd, almost irrational comparison of Trump to Hitler.

I’m no Trump fan but I read between the lines. A naïve businessman playing at politico? Maybe.

But half of Americans voted for him and saw him as the most pro-America, pro-business, pro-blue collar, pro-religious freedom (that’s how America got started!) profile president they’ve ever had.

Our media never mentioned this, just the bad things.

I now gleefully anticipate the intolerance of the ultra-hard liberal left in the Democratic Party.

Michael Baldasera, Darlington.