THOMAS BALL and B Walker suggest that all elderly drivers re-take their driving test and also have an eye test, (HAS, Jan 5 & Jan 8).

While this may be a good idea, in the real world, the logistics of getting all elderly drivers a test before they met their maker would be impossible. I’m sure there are a lot drivers who may need a test but also there are a lot of very safe and competent elderly drivers. I am in my eighties and been involved with advanced driving for around 35 years. I re-take the advanced test every three years (compulsory) and have a yearly eye test.

I believe elderly drivers should have the eye test yearly, and it’s free of charge!

I have helped many drivers of all age groups to gain an advanced pass but I can’t recall anyone who thought they were a poor driver.

I think the Durham County Council run scheme mentioned by B Walker is an excellent idea.

Safe driving to all.

George Raw, Bishop Auckland.