NO matter what breed, size, hairy or smooth, or type of dog we own, instincts dating back to the dog’s common ancestor. the wolf, lurk in its DNA.

Man is able to use these traits to his advantage. Dog behaviourists teach owners to recognise natural from naughty behaviour so they can live in harmony.

The tiny puppy bought for its cute face and wagging tail might turn into a monster when it reaches full size and hogs the sofa.

Toy dogs still need to be exercised. Bigger dogs like to get out and about. All dogs enjoy sniffing around finding out what their world is about.

Intelligent dogs like to be busy. Doing a job keeps them happy and content. A gun dog doesn’t have to retrieve game, neither does a sheepdog need to herd sheep. Gun dogs can be trained to sniff out almost anything. Sheepdogs can do agility, search and rescue etc.

A foxhound on border control in Canada is used to find illegal contraband in lorries entering the country and a miniature dachshund was able to access illegal items hidden within a lorry load of scrap metal. Amazing.

So, find something your dog likes doing although, of course, I don’t mean letting a bull breed fight.

Fox hounds enjoy sniffing and are encouraged to find foxes. If they show no pleasure in that they are dispatched. Trail hunting is a “smokescreen”. Allowing a pack of dogs to run free in fields and woods teeming with wildlife is a catastrophe. Killing, the primeval pack instinct of survival, and excitement take over.

Real drag hunting is well organised. Thousands of people have a good gallop. There are no loose hounds or horses on roads or violence. Fantastic sport.

Marjorie Embling, Crook.