I WAS interested to read the letter by D Duell regarding the UK reverting to a sovereign state and his argument asserting that leaving the EU was wrong (HAS, Jan 5).

It must not be forgotten that governments only exist on behalf of the people, for the people in order to create a safe society that encompasses the culture of that country. To do this, we employ those individuals willing to undergo the task by being elected through the ballot box.

Our money in the form of taxes is entrusted to the elected body to pay for the delivery of social services, defence etc.

Unfortunately, although the creation of the original Common Market was a positive political alliance of nations, the purpose, direction and fundamental aims of the alliance were subverted by unscrupulous politicians who succeeded in creating a socialist state of nations, comprising elected but ineffectual MEPs, led by a small all-powerful inner circle of politicians headed by an overarching president.

None of this inner circle of “leaders” gained their appointment through the ballot box, nor are they subject to public scrutiny by those they purport to represent. Therefore, the system is similar in composition to that of the Chinese government.

I am embarrassed to say that the creation of this form of undemocratic political socialism was supported by our Parliamentary elected representatives, who willingly signed away the sovereignty of this country without the endorsement of the electorate.

It is on this basic fundamental issue that I believe 17m of the electorate voted to leave the EU.

Mike Kerr, Darlington