WELL, well, well, Mr or Mrs Name Supplied but not printed on your request on your letter about the proposed developments at Windlestone Hall (HAS, Jan 1).

I have been as vocal as anyone in wanting, nay demanding, that Windlestone Hall should be renovated.

But it is such a mammoth task, especially in the hall’s vastly accelerated dilapidated condition due to the last few years of wanton vandalism and theft on a massive scale, that no one in their right mind would tackle it without the developing the surrounding area to some degree. That development will pay the millions that it will cost to renovate the hall itself.

I do, however, agree with Mr/Mrs ? that the main entrance will need to be looked at regarding safety and obviously all aspects of the planning permission need looking into so as to cause as little disruption to existing residents in and surrounding the hall.

The reopening of an historic entrance is also something of contention that needs to be discussed and agreed by anyone who may be affected by it.

I, like you, are well aware that the properties and infrastructure surrounding the hall have changed over the years. Those property owners in and around the hall should all be consulted and included in any decisions that may affect their property and quality of life.

No doubt not everything will be 100 per cent agreeable, but I’m afraid that’s life just as Mr/Mrs ? doesn’t agree with me, and neither does my wife most of the time.

Oh well, roll on 2021. Happy New Year.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.