IN my letters to HAS, I have highlighted the abysmal record of Durham Constabulary over the last 4 years with regard to the issue of speeding tickets.

The latest results for the year ended March 31, 2020, were that 10,977 were issued (average daily issue 30) of which almost 1,000 were cancelled.

In effect this could be a loss of £100,000 in revenue i.e. £100 per speed ticket; many speedsters “let off the hook” and a considerable waste of police personnel resources.

Which all told doesn’t reflect too kindly on the current system or its administration.

I would respectfully suggest the following would improve matters:-

a) The formation of a unit deployed day in, day out to execute an effective road enforcement policy, comprised say of officers nearing retirement or those unable to meet frontline duties because of ill-health etc; together with a small back-up staff (civilians?) to ensure proper legal and paperwork requirements;

b) Unit to cover all parts of the force area, on say a day or half-day basis, using unmarked vehicles, cameras or other necessary equipment. Location to be secret of course. However, numerical results (no names) and identification of location to be published monthly say in The Northern Echo and so make it known that speeders are under scrutiny, no matter where;

c) Get rid of the “baggage” attached to speed limits, as Chief Constable A Bangham of West Mercia (Britain’s Road Policing Chief) calls for i.e. the penalising of drivers who stray just 1mph over the limit.

d) Get rid of speed awareness courses. Drivers should not be allowed to opt for them. They are only a rouse to avoid endorsement and insurance firms are starting to take account of this situation.

e) I would suggest such a system would be self-financing or even profitable as well as “netting other fish” such as uninsured and unlicensed drivers, along the way.

The comments of the police would be appreciated.

E McKeown, High Pittington.