I MAKE no apologies to anyone that I voted Conservative and the detrimental remarks I have made about the same party, like my comments regarding the way Boris and his minions seem to be handling this pandemic. But you know this is an invisible enemy and one where pure ignorance and non-conformity by some of the population will end, and indeed is ending, with insurmountable cases of illness, even deaths, no matter what advice is given.

Now onto Brexit, a deal has been agreed – not the best but the best I feel he could possibly achieve in the circumstances, especially when you have the present Labour leader (by default ) claiming everything Boris does is wrong (what’s new) and claiming we must have a deal no matter what.

Then the press etc scaremongering with the imminent introduction of tariffs the whole of the EU would have suffered – I fear Labour would have laid down and let the EU walk all over them

To lead is to make decisions and stand by them and Boris does do that – mostly right sometimes wrong. His decision to keep Dominic after his day trip to Barnard Castle until he decided he must go instead of cow-towing to Labour and the media outcry – if nothing else – showed balls and when the time was right he dismissed him.

He is the Prime Minister and ultimately we must stand by his decision as he does as I for one wouldn’t want to be in his shoes for a gold pig.

John Cumberland, Rushyford